Enter The Dragon

  • Meet The Chef
    Johnny Chang

    Chef & owner Johnny Chang began his culinary journey at the age of 15, as a student, taught restaurant style, by a master in Taiwan. He has always had an idea to bring the tastes of the Taiwanese nightlife street markets and bring others the real street food spirit.

    Ambiance and main dining interior architecture is very reminiscent of a scene out of a Chinese Kung Fu movie. You'll feel like the main hero character, stepping off the movie set, here at Dragon Gate.

    The movie, Dragon Gate Inn, has a lot of symbolic meaning to Chef Johnny. It speaks to him the same experience he would like to share with all the guests at Dragon Gate Bar and Grille. No matter what your background is, everyone is treated the same here, at Dragon Gate. Come, have a good time of commaderie amongst friends, enjoy good eats and drinks, and have fun all at the same time. Like the movie, Dragon Gate Inn, everyone Is their own hero; you will always have a seat at Dragon Gate. So come, and Enter The Dragon!

  • About
    Authentic Taiwanese Street Food

    What is Taiwanese lifestyle most famous for? It's the nightlife of street food markets! Chef & owner Johnny Chang's concept design for Dragon Gate is an essence of that very nightlife cuisine, uniquely wrapped and brought to life with a fusion of Oakland flavor, located here in Jack London Square!

    Whether it's gathering with a couple of friends for drinks, great eats, combined with good music, catching the game, hanging out in our surround sound karaoke rooms, Dragon Gate is truly a simulation of that nightlife, nostalgic to many natives, and now here to share in the great community of Oakland!

    Taiwanese nightlife cuisine is filled of infused, rich, bold flavors packed in well seasoned finger foods and marinated savory dishes, using local in season goods, to enhance your dining experience.

    • Come check out this highly fashionable upscale lounge, where the East meets West. The “Dragon Gate Bar and Grille” has an authentic Chinese décor that takes you, to what feels like a set out of a famous kung movie. This one of a kind upscale lounge, has great music, wonderful Manhattans, and that something extra that lets you know your in for a great night.

      Drinks are reasonably priced, and top shelf is also readily available. There are three private Karaoke rooms, for birthdays and corporate events. A well laid out mezzanine is located upstairs, and plenty of seating on the main floor where the bar is located as well. There are plenty of TV’s to catch up on your latest sports, and future plans for popular lives Dj’s.


  • More Info
    Happy Hour Specials

    Specials & $5 Bar Bites Menu from 2:00pm to 6:00pm daily!

    House Rules

    Pictures are for reference only
    With the exception of the bar, 15% gratuity will be added after 9:00pm
    For parties of 6 or more % VIP/karaoke rooms, 18% gratuity will be added
    $10.00 minimum charge for credit card, $.50 transaction fee for under $10.00
    We kindly split checks up to 3 ways
    An additional $1.00 will be charged for each additional split
    A valid government issued I.D is required to rent a VIP/karaoke room

    1. 图片仅供参考,本公司保留更改菜式与价钱之权利
    2. 晚上九时以后,消费额将自动收取15%服务费
    3. 所有K房与六人以上派对,消费额将自动增18%服务费
    4. 信用卡最低消费10元,未满10元收取50 手续费
    5. 超过二張以上分单,将收取一張一元手续费
    6. 预约K房需抵押身份证明文件
    Karaoke Room Rules
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    Addit. Contact Info

    Email: Dragongate300@gmail.com


Open Daily
11:00am - 2:00am

Daily Happy Hours

2:00pm - 6:00pm




300 Broadway, Oakland CA


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